How to wear glitter eye shadow in real life

Holiday season means lots of attractive gifts, glitter eye shadow and first-class friends. Glittery makeup is as time-honored a practice as a celebratory red lips, not to reveal way extra fun. It’s very easy for excellent glitter beauty looks to go bad. So we are going to share a few of expert tips for how to wear glitter eye shadow in real life.

1. Stay glitter limited to one area on the eye.
Kendal used a smeared brown as a kind of border line for the glitter. “Maintain it close to the middle so that the glint doesn’t take over the eye—you simply get a touch of it once the eyes open.” Skip sparkles on the brow bone and corners of the eyes, wherever they will look too loving

glitter eye shadowPhoto Credit: Rupchorcha24 Team

2. do that trick to attenuate mess
“I continually dip my brush in water and so dip it within the glitter, and that helps anything from falling onto the relax of the face,” Kendal green explained. She’s also continually sure to hold a tissue below the eye when applying the makeup to stop any unfortunate fallout.

3. Leave the remainder of the face simple.
Glitter eyes area are most important look, so make sure the rest of your makeup isn’t competitive. Kendal green says that her favorite could be a pale pink blush on the cheeks, lip balm on the lips, and not a lot of else on the face. This isn’t the night for major matte report lips and big-time eyeliner; let your eye makeup steal the show whereas you glitter and shine.

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