Instructions to Fix Chipped Nail Polish

We’re right in the coming of Eid and Puja here in Bangladesh.  which implies we scarcely have sufficient energy to eat and rest, not to mention get a nail treatment. Following a couple days of delving in our handbags for our phones and accessories, our nails are typically destroyed — however fortunately there’s a two-minute alter that disguises chips without starting a radical new nail treatment sans preparation. Get some Instructions to Fix Chipped Nail Polish.

Nail care

Nail care

The trap? A sparkle topcoat. Simply paint it on directly over your chipped shine for a moment fix.

The chunkier the glitter, the better this works — so try one with larger flakes, for example. Not just do the sparkly bits fill in shine dings, the light getting impact occupies from any blemishes in your base shading.

We’re particularly cherishing the new spot topcoats this fall. These recipes use kaleidoscopic matte sparkle particles to make a paint splatter impact on nails. Try Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots in Clearly Spotted.

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