Bangla Beauty Tips and Tricks বাংলা রূপচর্চা

Makeup Brushe

Makeup Brushes Cleaning Tips

We use our makeup brushes each day – dunking them in beauty care products, applying them to our face. Makeup brushes gather earth, oil, microscopic organisms and other development that can bring about breakouts and...

eye care

How to Apply Eye Cream, the right way

Eye cream is a vital step in any healthy skin schedule. Creams can decrease puffiness, help dark circles and make the face look by and large more wakeful and young. In any case, in...

Nail care 0

Instructions to Fix Chipped Nail Polish

We’re right in the coming of Eid and Puja here in Bangladesh.  which implies we scarcely have sufficient energy to eat and rest, not to mention get a nail treatment. Following a couple days of delving...