Skin Care Tips for all Types of Skin

Skin Care Tips – Your face is your first representation of you when meeting someone for first time. and a good glowing skin may be your key to success, healthy skin also improves your confidence level.

Before moving ahead, you need to understand your skin type. Basically there are three types of skin dry and oily, and skin with balance of both called as normal skin.

Skin Care Tips for Oily Skin: Follow these basic skin care tips for oily skin type and you can get a glowing and attractive skin.

If you are having an oily skin, never miss to clean your skin with water at regular interval, water will remove extra oil from your skin and also will keep your skin moist.

Also apply fruit scrub daily on your skin to make your skin glowing and removing dead skin cells.

Add food to your diet, vitamin B2 keeps your skin oil free, and also fruit fibbers are good for your body as well.

Skin Care Tips for Dry Skin: So its winter for you always, as you are having a dry skin, too much of dryness can lead to wrinkle and you will look older. Here are some simple skin care tips for the dry skin. Here are some simple skin care tips for dry skin.

Make use of moisturizer as your daily habit, proper amount of moisture can really help you to avoid dry skin.

Vitamin A can help in reducing the skin dryness, take foods with a lot of vitamin A, i.e. papaya.

Drink a lot of water; it will keep your skin moist naturally.

Applying milk on skin also helps in reducing the skin dryness and it also makes your skin more glowing.

Skin Care Tips for normal Skin: It’s good to know that you have a normal skin type, but wait your skin also needs some special care to keep it health and ever glowing, here are your skin care tips.

Use Gentle soap, don’t use soaps meant for dry or oily skin type.

Use moisturizer after every bath.

Use pure milk to clean your skin daily.

Never ever scrub your skin.

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